Never miss a dose

An automated medication dispenser that lets you focus on what matters most in life, removing the stress and tension of worrying about managing pills – or nagging over them.

Deliver medication on time, as scheduled

PIN code or face recognition verification

Record when doses are taken or missed

Alert your care circle when doses are missed

Peace of mind

Pria keeps families and friends connected with scheduled and impromptu check-ins, so you know your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Two-way video calling to Pria

Mobile alerts

Custom reminders to drink water or go for a walk

Monitor medication adherence

Pria’s Connected App

Create your custom care circle to maximize features such as two-way calling to Pria, scheduled check-ins, share your daily wellness plan, manage your medicine cabinet, and receive reports of taken and missed doses.

All of this is included in your monthly subscription as well as software updates, so you receive the most up-to-date features.

  • Medication reminders
  • Daily check ins
  • Dosage control
  • Two-way video calls/chats
  • Dashboard
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Pria Contacts
  • Reports
Medication reminders Daily check ins Dosage control Two-way video calls Dashboard Medicine Cabinet Pria Contacts Reports
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★★★★★ Smart assistant

I got this device for my mom who has to take lot of medications on daily basis. She doesn't need to remember medications and their timings anymore. You can just store them according to your schedule and the device does its job . If any dose is missed the app can send a notification to both the patient or a caregiver.

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★★★★★ Friendly technology

The fact that Pria has a face and talks has made introducing my parents to technology easy! Pria has comforted them and made them feel less threatened.

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★★★★★ Homecare assistant from the future!

Having the the Pria device and software in my life has been surprisingly helpful in making sure I am taking my medication and vitamins daily. It’s been very nice to have a device that stores, reminds, and schedules all my meds for the entire month. Even neater is the cute robot face that helps manage and is constantly keeps me up to date with my health tips and routine. When my kids visit, they are so impressed and like to chat with the robot!

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★★★★★ Huge impact on medication adherence

Pria reminds me not only when it’s time to take scheduled doses but also when to reload the device. I struggled with this when using pillboxes. Pria has helped me become more responsible when it comes to taking my medications. It has made a huge impact on my medication adherence.