How It Works

Load medication

  • Set up your medication schedule via the Pria mobile app
  • With Pria's guidance, you will be walked through loading up to 28 doses of medication into the pill wheel

Dispense medication

  • When it's time to take a scheduled dose, Pria will alert users on both the device and mobile app with a simple chime
  • After verifying identification through facial recognition or using a PIN code, Pria will dispense the scheduled dose into the pill cup; reminders can also be set for medications not dispensed by Pria, such as liquids or gummies

Check in

  • Through the caregiver mobile app, check in on medication adherence and receive alerts on missed doses
  • Stay in touch with loved ones through two-way video calling between Pria and your mobile device

Stay connected

  • Pria’s connected mobile app helps monitor medication schedules on-the-go and track health data
  • Use the app to set alerts and reminders, chat directly with Pria, and share information with your loved ones


Pria’s touch screen interface and voice activated abilities make setup and everyday use painless for users. Just use the wake phrase, "Ok Pria...“ and ask her for the weather, jokes, or to remind you to go for a walk.

Create your custom care circle and share your care plan with unlimited contacts, such as family members and caregivers.


Peace of Mind

For added safety measures, Pria has facial recognition software and PIN code verification to ensure that medication is dispensed to the right person.

If the backlid is opened, those in the care circle will receive an alert and can check in with their loved one.

Subscription App

The monthly subscription maintains your daily wellness plan, manages your medicine cabinet, and compiles reports of taken or missed doses. Create your custom care circle to maximize features such as two-way calling to Pria, schedule check-ins, share your care plan, and more.

With our monthly software updates, you will receive the most up-to-date features and improvements to best use your device.


The Nitty Gritty

Requirements Subscription, Internet Access, Wi-Fi & Mobile Phone
(iOS 11.3 or later Android 5.1.1 or later)
Dimensions 8.5 in x 6.2 in x 12.5 in
5.5 lbs
Batteries 1 x Lithium Polymer Battery
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