Common questions

  • What do I need to use Pria?

    In order to take advantage of all Pria’s features, you will need a smartphone, reliable WiFi, and the Pria app.

    Your smartphone will be used to load your medication regiment into the app, which syncs with the device, and to access all Pria’s features. WiFi is required to run the device.

  • How many pills can Pria hold?

    Pria holds 28 doses in the pill wheel; 1 slot = 1 dose. Each slot holds about 10 medium sized pills per dosage, which is roughly 300 pills in total depending on size. If a user takes more than a slot can hold, they can split it up into two doses (slots).

  • Does Pria lock?

    No, Pria does not lock. We do not want to keep you from accessing your medication. The back lid can be opened by pushing down on the tab and pulling away. With the mobile application, users and their contacts will be alerted when the back lid is opened.

  • How many people can use Pria?

    Pria can store and dispense medications for one person. Multiple people can converse with Pria and you can also assign an unlimited number of Pria contacts!

  • How many days of pills can Pria hold?

    Pria holds 28 doses, a dose is defined by a period of time. Each dosing chamber holds between 4 and 12 pills, depending on the size of each. This means if you take your medication once in the morning and once in the evening, Pria can hold enough medication for 2 weeks.

  • Is there a warranty?

    Yes! We're pleased to offer a 1-year limited warranty. For any questions contact us at 866-608-5168. If you prefer email, we can be reached at hello@okpria.com.

  • What is the Return Policy?

    We guarantee satisfaction with your purchase. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with Pria, you may return the device for any reason within thirty (30) days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price (less all applicable discounts).

  • Why do I need a subscription?

    Your monthly subscription includes unlimited use of Pria's features. Included are unlimited Pria contacts, two-way video calling, medication adherence, question, jokes, weather and answer tools, and constant automatic updates as Pria learns more! Each month, you will receive updates on the mobile app and device with the newest features.

  • Do I need a phone to use Pria?

    Yes, you will need either the end user's mobile phone or be a Pria contact through the mobile app. During setup, the mobile application will be used to connect your account with your new Pria and load in your medication schedule. After setup, the application on the user or Pria contacts’ phone is used for notifications when you are away from your device, such as: video calling, reporting and check in questions.

  • Can Pria store and dispense half pills?

    Half or broken pills should dispense perfectly fine if broken in half prior to loading, depending on the size of the pill.

  • Can I store gummies in the pill-wheel?

    Unfortunately, our pill-wheel is not optimized for gummies at this time. To prevent them from getting stuck inside of the wheel, and to keep all your other medications safe and clean, you'll want to store gummy medications outside of Pria. Pria can still notify and track medications stored outside of the device.

  • Can Pria store refrigerated medications?

    No, you will need to keep those in the refrigerator. However, you can still enter the schedule information into the Pria app so that Pria can remind you when it is time to take them!

  • Can I dispense doses ahead of time?

    Yes! If you will be going away for the day, or longer, just say, "Ok Pria, dispense my meds," and have her dispense enough meds to get you through your time away.

  • Does Pria have cellular connectivity?

    Pria does not currently have cellular connectivity and can only use Wi-Fi. Pria will work on a personal hotspot if you need her to!

  • What Wi-Fi do I need / What Wi-Fi do you support?

    The current version of Pria is compatible with 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi, however in the future we plan to be compatible with 5.0 Ghz Wi-Fi as well! During the on-boarding process, your Pria device will walk you through connecting to a secure Wi-Fi. If you have a captive portal, please connect to a network without it.

  • How does Pria know which pills to dispense at a given time?

    We built a mobile application to help with the process. After downloading the Pria app you will be prompted to input the name of your medications, the quantity, and the times each pill should be taken. The information will sync with Pria and she will know which pills to dispense at what times.

  • What kinds of questions can I ask Pria?

    Besides asking for your scheduled doses, try asking Pria about the weather, facts, or to even to tell you a joke!

  • What languages can Pria speak and understand?

    Today, Pria can speak and understand English. She is working on expanding her languages so that she can support more people.

  • What types of notifications will Pria send?

    Pria will send you notifications through your device and on your phone when it's time to take your medications. You will also get notifications for check-in questions, device status, and video calls. The appropriate notifications will also go to Pria contacts if enabled.

  • What mobile phones are compatible with the app?

    Both iOS and Android phones are compatible with Pria.

    The following Android phones may present a negative experience with the Pria App.

    Please email us hello@okpria.com to be informed about when these phones will be supported.

    • SG Note 9-8.1.0
    • Samsung Galaxy S7- 7.0
    • Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro- 6.0.1
    • Motorola Moto G- 5.1
  • Can Pria remind me to take other supplements such as powders, liquids, or injections?

    Yes. While Pria only stores pills, she can still remind you to take other supplements directly from the device and by mobile notifications.

  • Will Pria remind me to take my pills?

    Yes. Pria will alert and remind you directly from the device and the mobile app. The device will alert the user with flashing lights underneath and audio notification.

  • What if I have an accent?

    Pria's voice recognition capabilities are strong. We've tested her across a range of voice tonalities and accents.

  • Do I need to plug Pria in?

    Yes! Pria runs on a 100-240V AC/DC power adapter. This power supply is UL listed and can be plugged into most standard outlets.

  • How big is Pria?

    The device is 5.5lbs and measures 12.5” x 8.5” x 6.25”

  • What should I expect when Pria arrives?

    Pria does not come with many components, making the setup of the physical device rather easy! In the box you will find the Pria device with a pill wheel inside, a power adapter, pill cup, and quick start guide. See this video of unboxing the device!

  • Where can I find the mobile application?

    Go directly to the mobile app store on your device and search for ‘Pria by BLACK+DECKER’ to download it directly.

  • Can I set Pria up for someone else?

    If you are setting up Pria for your loved one, you can set up their account and enter their medication regimen. However, if your loved one is not present, they may need to revisit facial training and voice training as this will optimize the device performance. After, you can sign up via the mobile app to be a Pria helper.

  • How do I clean the device?

    To clean the device, please use a dry cloth. Be careful with cleaning solutions as this may damage the screen and body of the device. If the marks on Pria will not come off with a dry cloth, resort to a lightly dampened cloth for additional cleaning.

    For the pill cup and pill wheel, clean by hand with soap and water and allow them to dry completely before putting them back in the device. Do not put any of the accessories in the dishwasher.

  • Where are the user manuals for Pria?

  • How do I update Pria?

    Your Pria device will update at least once a month. These should happen overnight in order to not disrupt your day to day. If you want to check for updates, please go to settings, click on ‘About’, and select ‘Check for Updates’. To update the mobile application, please go to your app store.

  • How do I know if my device is connected to Wi-Fi?

    To know whether your device is connected to Wi-Fi or to know which network your device is connected to, swipe from right to left on your screen to access the dashboard. From here, click on ‘Settings’ > ‘Network Settings’.

  • How do I connect Pria to a new Wi-Fi network? / My Wi-Fi network isn't working.

    To connect to a new Wi-Fi network, open your device dashboard and choose ‘Settings’, then ‘Network Settings’. From here, Pria will search for all available networks. Please choose the network with the strongest signal for optimal performance!

  • Can my medication be dispensed without the cup? If I lose my cup, will any cup work?

    No! Pria will not dispense pills unless she detects that a cup is in place below. It is best to use the Pria dedicated cup,  but if for some reason you do not have the Pria cup, any cup that can be detected by the sensor should work.

  • How do I load my medications?

     First, make sure your medication schedule is up to date in the mobile application. Then, say, “Ok Pria, load my meds,” and she will walk you through loading your medication. With Pria’s guidance, use the slot of the top of the device to load one pill at a time. If you prefer to load the medication manually, Pria can also walk you through removing the pill wheel from the back and place your pills directly in each bin.

  • How do I add half doses to the Pria app?

    When adding a half dose or pill to the mobile application, enter it as half of the total dosage. Example: If a full dose is 20 mg, and you're adding half doses (pills cut in half), add your medication as 10 mg when entering in the mobile app.

  • What happens if I break parts of Pria?

    Although the cup is sturdy, we offer several replacement parts including cups, power supplies, and pill wheels. Please contact us by emailing hello@okpria.com or calling 866-608-5168 for assistance.

  • I lost my cup!

    If you are missing your cup or any pieces of Pria, please contact us by emailing hello@okpria.com or calling 866-608-5168.

  • Who can I video call with? What is a "drop in" call?

    You can video call anyone you dedicate as a Pria contact. You can call each other from the Pria mobile app or just say, "Ok Pria, call [Name]," and Pria will call them.

    The drop-in feature allows a dedicated Pria contact to automatically enable the video camera on the device. The end user does not have to answer the device, instead it automatically starts the call. The helper needs to have permissions to use this feature.

  • How do I make video/audio calls?

    Once members have been added as Pria Contacts in the app, you can call them directly from your Pria. Simply say, "Ok Pria, call [name]" and Pria will dial your contact.

    If you are a Pria contact, you can use the mobile app to call the Pria user you are connected with!

  • Pill Wheel Error

    While your Pria device and pill wheel should calibrate automatically, if something seems off with the wheel (not spinning as expected, etc.), know that two things will happen to keep your device safe:

    1. We will detect the pill wheel error and send it to our engineers.

    2. Once we do detect an issue with the pill wheel, we'll display an error on the Pria screen informing you to contact our support team.

    If a pill wheel error displays on your screen, here are the steps to fix the problem:

    Open the back lid, note the position of the pill wheel

    Remove the Pill Wheel

    Rotate wheel 180 degrees from where you found it

    Reinsert the Pill Wheel inside

    Close the back lid

    Continue using the device!

    This should fix the issue and cause the wheel to recalibrate. If it doesn't please contact our support team for additional assistance at 866-608-5168 or hello@okpria.com.

  • What do the lights on the front of Pria mean?

    Yellow Flashing Light: Pending Notification
    Blue Light: Pria is listening for a command
    Red Light: Pria is muted, this means she is not listening for any commands and will not say anything.
    Green Light: Pria is running on backup battery, plug it in as soon as possible!

  • How do I restart Pria?

    If you need to restart Pria:

    1. First make sure the device is active by either saying "OK, Pria" or single tapping the screen
    2. Once active (the blue light appears), using your finger, swipe from right to left and open the dashboard. Click on settings and scroll to the bottom.
    3. Select "Reboot" from the list of menu options
    4. Pria will automatically restart,you do not need to do anything on your end. This process may take 1-2 minutes

    If you just need to do a quick Pria refresh, hold your finger over the Microphone/Mute button on Pria's screen for 6 seconds. You will see Pria's eyes flash after she refresh's herself.

  • Pria is not responding, what can I do?

    If you are unable to restart from the dashboard, you can refresh Pria by holding down the microphone/mute button for 6 seconds. You will see Pria's eyes light up when she resets herself in a few seconds.

  • I think a pill got stuck, what do I do?

    Pria does her best to alert you if a pill has been stuck during dispensing. She will automatically shake in order to fix the error, but you can always remove the pill wheel and see if medications are stuck. Please let Pria know if she warns you if a pill was truly stuck or not so that she knows better next time!

  • Can I use a custom wake word?

    Right now, we can only use Pria's name. Try it out, "Ok Pria, where are you from?"

  • How do I power Pria off?

    You can say, "Ok Pria, power off" or access this from the dashboard by selecting ‘Settings’, then scroll to ‘Power Off’ at the bottom.

  • Adjusting the volume

    To adjust the volume on the device, please say "Ok Pria, volume up/down" or “Ok Pria, volume (1-15).” If you want Pria to mute herself please say, "Ok Pria, go to sleep.”

  • Will Pria work if I lose power?

    Yes! To get the most out of Pria you will need to plug her into a power outlet. However, if you lose power in your home, we have an internal battery that will be able to power Pria for up to 6 hours.

  • What is a Pria contact?

    Pria contacts are individuals that you would like to add to your Pria account. All contacts can have different access levels, such as enabling drop-in calls. An unlimited number of Pria contacts are included with your subscription.

  • How many contacts can I add to my account?

    As long as your subscription is valid, you can invite an unlimited number of contacts to your device and personalize their settings.

  • Can I remove a Pria contact?

    Yes! You can remove a Pria contact from accessing your profile at any time from the Pria mobile application of the end user!

  • How do you store my data?

    When dealing with your private information we adhere to strict rules. The data that we collect will be stored and transported according to HIPAA regulations. Please see our Terms of Use for more detailed information.

  • How do I set a reminder on Pria?

    This is done on the device. You can wake Pria up by saying, "OK Pria, remind me to drink water in one hour."

  • What happens to my information if I return the device?

    Instruction on how to wipe your information is provided with the shipping label. Once a return is requested and arrives to our offices, your Pria will no longer be associated with your account, but your data will remain in the App until you delete your account. Please remember, you can always clear the information yourself on the device by choosing ‘Settings’, then ‘About’, and select ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’. Note: this will clear out the device profile, but your information will remain on your mobile application.

  • How do I renew/cancel my subscription?

    You can manage the renewal and cancellation of subscriptions on our website. Visit https://www.okpria.com and log in to view your account and make changes.

  • If I will be away, can I dispense meds ahead of time?

    Yes! If you will be going away for the day or multiple days, you can take your entire pill wheel or just say "Ok Pria, dispense my meds" and have her dispense enough meds to get you through your time away.

  • Face Recognition Training

    Here are some helpful tips to make Face Training quick, easy and successful:

     1.  Make sure your face is well lit and there isn’t a strong light or window behind you.

    2.  Stand so the light is directly in front of you, brings out the details, and helps Pria capture the perfect photo of you

    3.  Make sure you position yourself, so your face fills the green circle.

    4.  Make sure there isn't another person in the frame.