According to an article from, the most common reason for medication neglect is forgetfulness. That’s why Pria should be on the short list of tools for any caregiver supporting an independent loved one with complex medication needs. Pria is an Automated Pill Dispenser unlike any other, with unique features to help caregivers keep their loved one on track with their medication while being easy to use and even fun.

    Here’s how Pria works. Caregivers program a pre-set medication schedule and load the medications into the device typically once a week, depending on the number of meds and daily doses. Pria takes care of the rest. It reminds the loved one when it’s time to take their medications and will alert the caregiver if a dose is missed. In fact, the connected app gives caregivers a complete view of medication history, and streamlines communication with their loved one and other family members in the care circle.

    Backed by Stanley Black & Decker, Pria is a solution that caregivers can trust to keep their loved ones safe. Stanley Black & Decker has been creating innovative products since 1843, and the company continues to push the boundaries of innovation in many industries, including healthcare. In fact, Stanley Black & Decker has won numerous awards for its products and company culture.

    We’ve gone above and beyond to consider what caregivers and their loved ones really need in an Automated Pill Dispenser, as seen in these four unique features:

    Personal Companion

    Pria is much more than a pill dispenser: it’s a true healthcare companion. Pria’s friendly face and welcoming voice invite engagement. It’s touch- and voice-activated and can answer common questions such as, “What’s the weather today?” or offer menu suggestions. Caregivers can set health hints for their loved ones too, like reminders to check blood sugar or blood pressure, drink lots of water and take a walk.

    While other automated pill dispensers look like appliances, Pria is personable – becoming a trusted companion for your loved one.

    Two-way Video Calling

    Caregivers can check in with their loved one at any time, from anywhere. Many individuals, including seniors, may not have a convenient communication device. Especially if a loved one is not technology oriented, they may be reluctant to use a smartphone, computer or tablet. With Pria’s two-way video calling, a caregiver can connect with their loved one through the app, either just to say hello or in response to information from Pria. Perhaps the caregiver see that a dose was missed; they can video call form their Pria app to check in. Or, if their loved one has a question about their medication, they can call anyone in their care circle from Pria to ask for help. It’s a quick and intuitive way for caregiver and loved ones to stay in touch.

    Facial Recognition Software and PIN Code Verification

    Pria has facial recognition software and PIN code verification that ensures the correct person gets the correct medication. Most other medication dispensers don’t offer this level of security. If a loved one lives with others or has frequent visitors, this is an important safety feature to help ensure that the right person gets the right medication. Pria helps keep loved ones safe so caregivers can focus efforts elsewhere.

    Touch- and Voice-Activated

    “Ok, Pria…” is all you need to say to get started.

    Pria is both touch- and voice-activated. Voice activation makes it easy to ask Pria a question from across the room, have Pria dispense medication or call a caregiver. Touch activation allows for easy access to Pria’s interactive interface. Pria is straightforward and accessible for everyone.

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    April 10, 2022