Smart pill boxes have changed the way caregivers and healthcare professionals manage medications. Having multiple medications stored in one place is convenient and secure. Even if an individual takes one medication, pill boxes store the right dose in quantities for multiple days. Smart pill boxes improve many aspects of medication management and can even help the caregiver stay connected to their loved one.

    Inability to manage medications at home accounts for about 23% of nursing home admissions. Smart pill boxes help improve caregiving so that loved ones can stay independent and safe in their homes. The savings are measured not only in avoiding the costs of in-home care and other housing options, but in peace of mind for caregivers knowing their loved one is able to safely manage their medication routine.

    No More Struggling to Open Bottles and Unscrew Caps

    Loved ones may have trouble opening prescription bottles or traditional pill boxes. Smart pill boxes can open automatically and dispense medications right into a loved one’s hands or a cup, or are designed to be easy to open.

    Timed Alerts Reduce Missed Doses

    Many smart pill boxes alert the individual that it’s time to take their medication with a noise or flashing light at a predetermined time. This eliminates the common problem of forgetting to take medication or taking medication late.

    Makes Multiple Medications Easy to Organize

    Smart pill boxes are pre-loaded by a caregiver or healthcare professional and eliminate confusion for the loved one. They don’t have to worry about which medications to take when, or the dosage. With a pre-loaded pill box, caregivers can set up a schedule and don’t need to monitor each time their loved one takes a medication. This also eliminates the need for multiple medication bottles that can get misplaced or mixed up.

    Automated Medication Dispensers Give Caregivers Peace of Mind

    A new wave of smart pill boxes, called automated medication dispensers, have the ability to connect to a smartphone or other technology. A caregiver can keep a virtual tab on their loved one and their medication use. These automated medication dispensers can alert caregivers when a loved one misses a dose.Two-way video calling enables a caregiver to call a loved one to check in.

    Medication Management Reports

    Many automated medication dispensers and pill boxes have a reporting feature. As part of the app, a caregiver or healthcare professional can monitor medication doses taken and missed. They can uncover trends, such as if a loved one misses more morning or nighttime doses. These reports are important to show doctors at medical appointments. This way, it may be easier for a doctor to pinpoint the cause of a change in health or they may be able to alter the time of day a medication should be taken.

    Smart Pill Boxes Make Your Medication Routine Simpler

    Smart pill boxes are improving healthcare and caregiving. Smart technology and Artificial Intelligence are becoming more common in healthcare. From automated doctor’s assistants to remote monitoring devices, technology is becoming more common in everyday life and will continue to do so. Join the movement and invest in a smart pill box to help a loved one manage their medication today!

    Post by Pria
    March 30, 2022