As we get older, it becomes more important to actively maintain both our physical and mental health. Our bodies and minds are ever-changing, but there are a number of products and activities that can help keep us healthy and active as we age. Here are some of our favorites!.

    Games and Brain Teasers for Seniors

    Games and activities of all kinds – such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles and even card games – can help with both memory retention and slowing the brain’s aging process.

    The challenges associated with different types of games and puzzles can aid in forming and maintaining connections. Crossword puzzles activate both the left and right side of the brain, and also help develop skills associated with logical reasoning. Sudoku also requires logic, along with strategic thinking, problem-solving and memory. Jigsaw puzzles help strengthen short-term memory by forcing big-picture thinking and the memorization of different shapes and colors. And finally, card games. Playing poker, bridge, rummy and war is a fun, social way to keep seniors’ minds challenged and thinking strategically.

    Robotic Pets

    We all know that pets are amazing companions that help combat loneliness (especially for seniors), but taking care of them also requires a lot of work. Enter: robotic pets. Ageless Innovation sells robotic cats and dogs with sensors that allow them to interact with a human companion. Not only do these pets look, sound and feel lifelike, they even respond to petting, hugging and motion.

    Smart Toilet Seat

    It sounds strange, but the contents of the toilet can actually point to potential health problems. That’s why the makers of TrueLoo™ developed a digital health solution that addresses chronic lower digestive and urinary conditions prevalent in senior populations, such dehydration, urinary tract infections, norovirus and more, that can often lead to hospitalization. The connected toilet seat includes sensors that determine who the user is and monitors stool and urine without requiring any change in behavior. By catching abnormalities early, they can be addressed, monitored and treated more quickly.

    New and Improved Water Bottles

    Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for seniors to forget to drink enough water, and dehydration can be dangerous. That’s why we love the new and improved water bottles that we’ve seen on the market. In addition to water bottles with markings that monitor intake amounts and timing, we’ve also seen flexible water bottles that, when empty, can be easily packed away into a pocket or purse. Gone are the days of leaving essential hydration at home because your water bottle is too bulky to carry around when heading out.

    We’re also loving water bottles with built-in infusers because, let’s face it, we all want a little variety now and again. Add fruits, vegetables or herbs for a tasty, all-natural beverage.

    Electronic Photo Frames

    While a digital picture frame may not seem like a health and wellness product, it’s a great way to ensure seniors are staying connected with family, which ultimately helps lift their spirits. Who wouldn’t want to see a photo of their adorable grandson scoring the game-winning goal from eight states away?

    There are a number of options on the market, so compare features and choose the one that’s right for your family.

    Pedal Exerciser

    Pedal exercisers offer a low-intensity workout for seniors, and they’re a great way to stay active. Most of them are small and lightweight enough to move around the house, and fold up nicely for easy storage. Our favorite models are the ones that can be used for both leg and arm exercises and feature adjustable resistance for varying levels of exercise.

    These are some of our favorite products and activities that help keep seniors happy, healthy and active but there’s certainly no shortage of available options that fit the needs of the aging community. If you have a favorite that you’d like to share, feel free to shoot us a note or drop a line on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

    Post by Pria
    March 30, 2022