Helping a parent or other loved one manage their medication can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. Automated pill dispensers save time and grant peace of mind when maintaining your loved one’s medication routine. Forgotten doses and mixed up medications are typical with a complex regimen. Automated pill dispensers simplify the process while allowing your loved one to stay independent and connected to you. Read on for 10 benefits of using an automated pill dispenser for your loved one’s medication management.

    1) Right Time, Every Time

    Automated pill dispensers alert your loved one when medication needs to be taken. Alerts and notifications can be set up to help ensure a loved one takes their medication at the same time each and every day. No more watching the clock or worrying about timing medication properly.

    2) No Need to Worry About Doses

    Automated pill dispensers are filled and managed by the caregiver. Loved ones don’t need to count pills or keep track of multiple medications. They take the predetermined dose and continue on with their day.

    3) Get Alerts When a Medication is Missed

    Never worry if a dose is missed. Many automated pill dispensers have a text, email or connected phone application system to keep caregivers in the loop. Caregivers can set up a notification on their phone when a medication is taken, missed or both.

    4) Keeps Medication Out of Reach of Children and Pets

    Automated pill dispensers keep medications both contained and out of the way. No need to worry about a child or pet knocking a bottle to the ground. Loved ones’ medications are safely stored in an automated pill dispenser.

    5) Independence for Your Loved One

    Your loved ones doesn’t have to struggle or ask for help when opening pill bottles. They don’t have to keep track of multiple medications. An automated pill dispenser decreases the need for in-home care as well, saving money in the long run and maintaining your loved one’s independence.

    6) Peace of Mind for the Caregiver

    As a caregiver, you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one has an efficient medication routine. Depending on the dispenser, caregivers can download a mobile app to see if the medication was taken, or missed, and monitor when medication is running low.

    7) Effective for Multiple Caregivers

    Multiple caregiver accounts can be made for a single loved one’s automatic pill dispenser. Automated pill dispensers simplify medication routines and streamline scheduling and transportation coordination for the care team.

    8) Keeps Costs Down

    In-home care and assisted living facilities can be expensive. Automated pill dispensers help to reduce in-home care and can keep your loved one safely in their own home for longer. That can add up to some big savings.

    9) Stay On Schedule

    Because the automated pill dispenser is pre-filled and even remind your loved one if they miss a dose, they make it much easier for your loved one to stay on their medication schedule.

    10) Spend More Time With Family

    Automated pill dispensers allow for more family time and less concern around your loved ones medication schedule. Time spent scheduling, planning, and coaxing your loved one into a routine can instead be spent bonding and doing what you both love together.

    There are many automated pill dispensers on the market. When choosing the right one for your loved one, be sure to compare features such as HIPAA-compliance, noise level of dispenser, size and style of the dispenser, and safety features (such as Pria’s facial recognition and PIN code verification software). Technological healthcare advances are making things easier for family caregivers and their loved ones, and this trend will continue into the future.

    Post by Pria
    March 30, 2022